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Trish is a Motivational Speaker, Facilitator, Award-winning Serial Entrepreneur and Author of her upcoming Book (The Art of Building a Successful Business: An Immigrant’s Perspective). She is the Licensing owner of GymBus Entertainment, Co-founder of Women’s Collaborative Leadership Hub and C0-Owner & CEO of Ubuntu StratEdge: A cutting-edge business transformation and performance enabling company which focuses on culture, diversity and organizational effectiveness.

Trish graduated from Oklahoma Baptist University with a Pre-Med Biology Degree and from the University of Central Oklahoma with a Clinical Laboratory Science degree. She further trained in Medical Microbiology and Embryology and worked in the field for 10 years.

Trish considers herself a savvy serial entrepreneur as she has successfully built four businesses and two nonprofits. Besides being a thought-leader, Speaker & Facilitator Trish’s other accomplishments include being Panelist and adviser for Telus Small Businesses and best practices for engaging Today’s savvy customers, being featured on Chek TV Reality TV show “The Hardway Show” and in Huffington Post.


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Please note that the maximum contribution per individual is $1200. Election rules also require us to collect your residential address.


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